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Go Skimming iPhone App

Go Skimming iPhone AppCooped-up office workers are being encouraged to get rid of executive stress this autumn by skimming a stone across some of the Lake District's most famed and picturesque lakes.

Stone skimming is a worldwide pastime known by many names, some more peculiar than others, depending on where you come from it could be called...

  • Skipping rocks
  • Baking pancakes
  • Ducks and drakes
  • Letting the frogs out
  • Letting the ducks out
  • Making white-caps

Whatever you choose to call it, the rules and fun factor are the same wherever you play and now thanks to Cumbria Tourism you can play it literally anywhere at all...

The brand new "GoSkimming" iPhone application is now available for you to try your hand at skimming stones in the stunning Lake District even if you're not actually in Cumbria.

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